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 Some wishes

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PostSubject: Some wishes   Some wishes I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 13, 2009 1:49 pm

My main complaint is that the forum and homepage interface could be heavily improved, but I understand those things usually get better with time, so here's a few things I'd like to recommend.

First off, the font used with the "Latest topics", should be a bit smaller. I think it's too big currently.

Second, the line of links under the banner (Home, User Images, Forums, FAQ, Search, Members, Groups, My Profile, Inbox, Log Out), the font used there looks very low-quality, and it'd look miles better if it'd be sharp, like every other text in these forums, that we, for example, use to type.

Also, when I logged in, beside the "Inbox" and "Log Out" text, there was very hard to find where it shows that I'm logged in. You guys could have separate place of two boxes and some text, nicely viewable, where people could log in.
I visit one site that I think has that almost perfectly done, and that's The Escapist Magazine's site.
Nice two boxes where to log in, and similar to on the forums page.

Also, the graphics done on the background, they look stretched and there's a clearly-cut line there. I was thinking since I'm a designer myself, I could do something that fits the theme of the site, and maybe even a banner. If you, the admin'd like to atleast see what I can do, then PM me what sizes they have to be, and I'll do it.

EDIT: I saw the new layout the admin has planned, and I have to admit, it looks far, far better than what this site has right now, so some parts of my text I deleted with a stroke.
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Some wishes
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