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 Xbox360 Holding Back Playstation 3 Development Maybe True After All

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PostSubject: Xbox360 Holding Back Playstation 3 Development Maybe True After All   Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:12 am

For sometime now fanboys, true gamers, game developers, often made claims about the Xbox360 capabilities and, also the bad ports that the Playstation 3 was recieving. Along with all of those factors just mentioned looking at the quality of Playstation 3 exclusive titles as opposed to the mult-platform comparisons, it’s kinda hard to understand how Sony’s platform never really outshine it’s Xbox360 rival although there’s more horsepower. People believe that the Xbox360 at times held back game quality from what the Playstation 3 can produce considering Microsofts lack of hard drive in every system as well as incorporating the DVD format instead of the Hi-Def standard blu-ray.
Game after game Xbox360 continued to show and prove not just from a multi-platform stand point but an exclusive standpoint with games like Gears Of War 2, Mass Effect, but even still looking at the quality of games like Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2 it’s still relevant to see that Sony’s machine has the edge in graphic fidelity. The Xbox360 so called holding back Playstation 3 may have some serious truth behind it now considering Microsoft has a new game development policy in terms of game quality and that’s the HD Standard which has now been compromised to the point where we may not always get the proper bang for our buck. The game quality at certain resolutions on the Xbox360 will drop so instead they use a less than Hi- Definition resolution to get better anti-aliasing for a smoother looking game. This is good if it makes the game run better but then again what will happen to the Playstation 3 versions of games that go this route for the sake of Xbox360 development. Will Sony have to suffer low resolution quality because of the Xbox360 or should we still receive a better version of the game on Playstation 3 since Sony doesn’t have that problem or require game devs to do this process.

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Xbox360 Holding Back Playstation 3 Development Maybe True After All
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