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Christian Burrell
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Christian Burrell

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PostSubject: BOLT AWAY GIVEAWAY   BOLT AWAY GIVEAWAY I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 4:27 pm

Gaming Bolt is proud to announce the first Bolt Away Giveaway! That's right, once every three months Gaming Bolt will be giving away games, gear, gift cards, and more! Here at Gaming Bolt we realize that the gaming community is what makes our business enjoyable, and in honor of that we're giving back to our active members. Entry into the Bolt Away Giveaway is simple - tell us HERE what you like about Gaming Bolt, and if you have at least 50 Bolt Points you will automatically be entered into a drawing on July 25th, 2009 for a FREE GAME OF YOUR CHOICE! You read that correctly, A FREE GAME. If you're wondering how to earn Bolt Points, it's simple - be an active member by posting in the forums, adding topics, giving feedback, or taking part in an upcoming Gaming Bolt Game Day. It's that easy! For more information, read the easy steps below, check out the Official Rules, or visit our Q & A Thread.

Step 1 - Sign up as a member of Gaming Bolt.

Step 2 - Be an active member. Enjoy and participate!

Step 3 - Tell us HERE what you like about Gaming Bolt.

Step 4 - Check the site on July 25th to see if you've won a FREE GAME!
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