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 Read Before Posting!

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Keith Deitz
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PostSubject: Read Before Posting!   Fri Jul 10, 2009 2:16 pm

We are going to introduce our contest to the members that we love to actually give away prizes if you win. We have a contest up for FREE game that anyone can enter. Yes I said it FREE game. This is something we are doing to thank our users and hopefully draw more in. So check out the BOLT AWAY GIVEAWAY thread.

Avoid Trolling
This includes saying something is stupid, dumb, or anything of this matter without giving a precise reason why. Please if you are going to say something, please back it up with a good reason why.

No misquoting quotes. Changing what someone says is not cool and against our rules. So please do not change a quote to make someone say something they didn't.

Avoid Flaming
This includes name calling or insulting others. For example, do not say, "You are stupid," "You are dumb." This is considered flaming and against our rules.

Extra Rules
No use of using offensive language. This includes calling someone gay or retarded are not allowed. No racist or prejudiced terms. For example, calling someone a chink or any prejudice/racist terms are not allowed.

If you get your thread locked, please do not make the same thread again. This will get you suspended or banned even if you think your thread did not break the rules. If you think we are wrong please message a moderator or use the contact us feature.
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Read Before Posting!
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